Ocean Series: 2D and 3D Paintings (2021-)

Ocean #2 (2022) Acrylic on canvas. 160x68cm

Ocean #2 (2022) (detail)

Ocean #1 (2021) Acrylic on canvas. 60x45cm.

Leviathan (2022) Acrylic on canvas. 90x45cm.

Monolith (2022) Acrylic on linen. 50x60cm.

Wave #1 (2022) Ink on layered Perspex. 30x21x12cm.

Impermanence (2022) Acrylic and ink on layered Perspex. 21x30x12cm

The New World (2022) Acrylic and ink on layered Perspex. 30x21x12cm


This series of ocean themed paintings and 3D paintings (on layered Perspex) explores the magnificence and timeless wonder of our oceans. Hypnotic, dynamic, majestic, nuanced, poetic, immense, endangered. My fascination with the ocean and polar ice caps is not dampened by my propensity to seasickness, so I imagine and paint them instead.