Symmetry of Nature: Paintings (2016-2021)

Family Tree, 2018. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 150x90cm.

Family Tree (detail)

Family Tree #2 (Spirit of Place), 2018. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 60x60cm

Tree of Man #5 (The Messenger) 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 75x100cm

The Messenger (detail)

Tree of Man #2, 2018. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 75x100cm.

Tree of Man #2 (detail)

“Tree of Man” 2018. Ink and acrylic on paper. 70x100cm

“Tree of Man” 2018 (Detail)

Tree of Life (2021) Acrylic on wood. 90x90cm

“Symbiosis” 2018. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 70x100cm.

“Terra Nova” 2018. Ink and acrylic on canvas. 100x100cm. Shortlisted for 2018 Mandorla Religious Art Award, Perth WA. Acquired for New Norcia Religious Art Collection, WA.

“Ascension” 2018. Ink and acrylic on canvas. 90x90cm. Sold.

“Heart and Soul” 2016. Ink and acrylic on canvas. Shortlisted for 2016 Mandorla Religious Art Prize and acquired for New Norcia Religous Art Collection, WA.

"Natura Paradiso" 2018. Acrylic and resin on wood. 90x30cm.

“Eternal Garden” 2016. 3x Lightboxes (each 60x85cm). Artwork is pinholes on paper.

“Embryo” 2017. Light box artwork (pinholes on painted paper, illuminated by LED lightbox).

“Forest” 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 90x120cm. This artwork was used as front cover for debut vinyl LP by US electronic band Treesspeak (Cinedelic Records, Italy).

“Nestling” 2017. Acrylic on canvas. 60x60cm. Back cover of record Trees Speak (Cinedelic)

"The Message" 2020. Ink and acrylic on canvas. 75x100cm. Shortlisted and won Highly Commended prize for 2020 Mandorla Religious Art Prize, WA.

“Symmetry of Nature” 2016. Triptych, each piece is 90x90cm. Ink and acrylic on canvas.

“Tree of Life” 2018. Ink and acrylic on canvas. Sold

Geometry of Nature 2016. Ink, acrylic, coloured pencil on paper. 75x100cm

"Terra Nova" 2016. Ink on paper. 90x120cm.

"Tree of Man 3D" 2018. Acrylic on resin and canvas. 40x50cm.

"Botanica" 2018. Ink and acrylic on paper. 160x120cm.


2016 – ongoing
I have always been drawn to the physical form of trees, and pondered the metaphysical potential and natural mystery of forests. During my years as a scientist I lived in Lausanne (Switzerland) for 3 years (1992-94) and took weekly walks through the nearby woods. Currently I live in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia near a preserved rainforest, which has an overpowering influence on my art. The images shown here are original works exploring our connection with the natural world – paintings, works on paper and pinhole light boxes. I have a strong appreciation of forests as living systems with their own innate internal communication and survival mechanisms. Trees can communicate through their root systems via mycelial (fungal filaments) connections in a manner somewhat similar to the nervous systems of animals. The biological communication within forest systems is a key topic in relation to understanding ecosystems and the impact of humans on the planet.