Early Paintings (2009-2017)

“Insomnia” 2014, 90x60cm

“Undercurrents” 2014, 45x60cm Sold

“Ascension” 2014, 45x60cm

“Future Memories” 2017. 70x100cm. Sold

“Phobia” 2013. 45x60cm

The Embrace 2013. Sold

“The Tempest” 2013. 60x50cm.

“What Dreams May Come” 2013. 90x120cm

“The Resurrection” 2013. 45x60cm

“Hiroshima” 2014. Sold

“Shipwrecked” 2012. Finalist, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize.

“Visions” 2011. Sold

“Tree of Hope” 2012. Sold

“Path between Fear and Reason” 2017. Sold


I have been fascinated by the sub-conscious for many years. Around 2001 I started painting fragments of my dreams and also images that would pop into my head. I try not to analyse these works too much but they needed to be expressed. Often I have relied on friends and colleagues to pose for the figurative paintings, and I am very grateful to all the gracious models for their time and patience. This work provided an important counter-balance to my more science related pursuits at the time.


Works are for Sale